From Single grooms to regular visits
This Group holds all of our events from It's a knock out to Halloween party
From Blueberry facials to desensitisation sessions.
From Spaniels to Terriers.

All the products we sell
From Simple Nail Trims to full Medi Pedis
Poodles of all sizes are such special intelligent dogs. It is always a pleasure to groom a pure bred poodles coat.  Select your size poodle and add to the note or discus on drop off how you like your poodle groomed.  
Set your Puppy up for Grooming success.
Schnauzer hold a very special place in our hearts.  Just look at our logo that is Troy the standard Schnauzer.  

Select your size of Schnauzer and they will get a Schnauzer clip, bath blow dry and nail trim.

Treat your dog to full or half day pamper package

From Feather Trims to full clip to hand stripping